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Market Leadership


1. With the permission of MFL and in such manner directed by it, the DSA shall:

    a. display sign/signs bearing the words "DSA of Magma Fincorp Limited".

    b. place the words " DSA of MFL on his/their visiting cards

    c. issue advertisements in newspapers in connection with his Business as DSA.

2. Use only such letter head, invoices, signs, display materials, promotional literature, equipment and other items as shall be approved in writing by MFL.

3. Use Corporate logo and name if MFL only with prior authorization of MFL.

4. Social Media Guidelines:

    a. On social networking websites DSA are required to use real name, identify that he/she is the DSA of MFL. The DSA needs to disclose his form of association with the MFL clearly. If the DSA has a vested interest in something that is being discussed, it should be pointed out clearly and specifically. The profiles of DSAs may be monitored for compliance and accurate descriptions Incorrect/false/misleading representation may even lead to discontinuance/termination of relations between DSA and MFL.

    b. If the DSA wishes to publish on any medium outside MFL's platform, they shall use a disclaimer stating that the postings represent their own views and don't necessarily represent MFL's positions, strategies, or opinions."

    c. Further, the DSA shall exercise prudence while ‘sharing' information over social networking sites. Care should be taken that MFL or any competing entity is not defamed. It is pertinent to state here that identifying itself to be associated with MFL, the DSA creates perception about his/her expertise and about MFL.

    d. If any DSA becomes aware of any negative comment made about the MFL, its brand, products or services on any social media they will not respond directly, but inform MFL immediately.

    e. If the DSA wishes to advertise/promote any product of the company on any social media platform, it shall submit the details of such advertisement/promotion to the concerned department of the company for its prior approval.

5. Publishing and display advertisements, signs, directory entries or other forms of publicity, whether relating Business or not, only after approval of MFL.

6. Telephonic contact must with existing/proposed customers normally be limited between 0930 Hrs and 1900 Hrs. Also, it needs to be ensured that a prospect is contacted only when the call is not expected to inconvenience him/her.

7. Privacy of the client must be respected and utmost care must be taken to ensure information revealed to the DSA during interactions/discussions is not revealed to any third party.

8. In case, any DSA has been offered a bribe or payment of any kind by an existing/prospective customer, it must be immediately reported to MFL.

9. All sales and consideration for such sale transaction should be effected through bank.

10. DSA shall endeavour to resolve consumer grievance, if any, within a period of 7 days of receipt of any complaint. Also, the DSA shall endeavour to establish a consumer grievance cell which shall solely be dedicated to redressal of grievances. The DSA are required to maintain a Complaint register wherein all the complaints and their settlements/outcomes shall be recorded. This register shall be made available to MFL on demand. The website, if any, if the DSA shall also have provision for registering consumer complaints.

11. DSA or their employees are required to respect personal space of existing/prospective customers and maintain adequate distance them. Discussions should be limited to business and a professional distance needs to be maintained.

12. It is advisable that not more than one person visits the existing/prospective customers.

13. If the existing/prospective customer is not present and only family members are present at the time of the visit, he/she should end the visit with a request for the existing/prospective customer to call back.

14. Provide his/her telephone number, supervisor's name or the concerned bank officer's contact details, if asked for by the customer.


1. The DSA shall not to use the Company's name and logo on personal profiles created on social networking site LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

2. Social Media Guidelines:

    a. Under no circumstances, the DSA shall reveal classified and confidential information. The DSA may ask for assistance of MFL in case he/she is unsure about any particular information. Matters under litigations, non-published financial reports and price-sensitive information and unreleased product information shall be considered as confidential information without any limitation.

    b. The DSAs shall not make any general claims about products of the company. The DSAs shall give clear, truthful and precise information about the products of the company. DSA shall, under no circumstances, malign any of the companies which are involved in similar businesses or offers similar products as Magma. Such negative promotion is strongly discouraged.

    c. Pornographic, profane, harassing and spam/junk posting are prohibited.

    d. DSA shall ensure that during its activities over various social media platforms, it shall not violate MFL's or any IPR of any other party.

3. The DSA shall not, under any circumstances, mislead the existing/prospective customers on any service/product offered; mislead the existing/prospective customers about their business or organization's name; make any false/ unauthorised commitment on behalf of MFL for any facility/service.

4. DSA must not accept gifts or bribes of any kind from the existing/prospective customers.

5. No transaction should be affected by the DSA or it employees by accepting "cash".

6. DSA or its employees shall not visit the existing/prospective customers residence/office against their wishes;

7. It needs to be ensured that the DSA or its employees should not visit the existing/prospective customer's residence in large numbers so as not to intimidate the existing/prospective customers.